Adults & Junior Football Footwear

Football boots with Multi Ground soles permit a maximum grip on synthetic surfaces and minimise discomfort caused by the studs at the bottom of the foot. Studs, on an artificial surface don’t stick into you, they support instead, and this might cause pain by pressure onto the plant of your foot. With a multi stud sole this pressure in distributed evenly therefore gaining in comfort
Firm Ground and Artificial Ground Boots 
Football boots with moulded studs and/or blades are ideal for playing on firm summer grass or other solid outdoor pitches. The rubber sole plate features integrated studs (often 12) and/or blades that are shorter than changeable studs.Firm ground boots are light and comfortable, and give excellent balance
Astro Turf 
Designed to offer unparalleled traction on man-made surfaces, astro turf shoes are the perfect companion to players who are playing and training on fake grass.
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